Wisdom to Rejuvenate 20+ Years

Purpose of Secrets To Youth Blog

This blog is to journal my experience and journey to recover my life and my Bolshoi Ballerina body. I will not be the same as I was before but the goal is to recover as much as possible of my lost abilities and to acquire new abilities. I’ll share my expertise as a Cranio Sacral Specialist, Consultant to MD’s, Creator of Rejuvenation Program, Harvard Scholarship Recipient at 16, Child Prodigy, Writer & Facilitator of many Personal Development Seminars, International Traveler, Corporate Speaker &¬†Trainer, Cook Extraordinaire and Personal Fitness Trainer. The purpose is to help you: Open Your Heart, Live a Balanced Life, Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin and Live Agelessly the Secrets To Youth! The purpose for me: is to heal more fully!

I’ll be sharing my heart with you and different tools to use to improve your life. If you have a brain injury, please be good to yourself, be kind to yourself even if all around you are not, be PATIENT with yourself and set goals with steps to achieve each in place! Get the help you need. Never be afraid to ask for help. Listen to your heart and you’ll realize who is best to help as you keep using your intuition. It takes time to get good at being intuitive, but the more you use your knowingness within, the more it will increase. May the blessings be….

For a great beginning, go to www.eckankar.org and read about the HU song. Practice it daily for best results and look at the daily contempletion for encouragement and direction.

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