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Change of Direction!


The awful day was the first week of May, 2006, when my daughter, Kathryn, and I were returning in my son’s Honda Civic from going to see him because he needed our support. We were happy, inspired, uplifted, laughing, sharing and creating a movie treatment (I’m a writer). We were both starting temporary jobs the next day for Mother’s Day at a flower shop, call center in Mission Viejo, CA. The owner said he would hire someone permanently after he saw us work over the Holidays. The hope was that my, service-oriented daughter with her friendly, caring attitude would get the job. Besides being a hard-worker, extremely conscientious, Kathryn was often a dream to be around as usually joyful, friendly and helpful. She wanted it and I wanted it for her. What Mother doesn’t want a daughter to realize her dreams!? I was just going along for this, temporary position to be a moral support for her. Kathryn asked me to give her moral support because she’d been injured by a driver running a red light the year before and hitting her as she walked her new bike in the crosswalk (she’d bought herself the bike for her birthday in July). Buying the bike was a celebration as Kathryn was starting over. I LOVED seeing my daughter have a plan and know she could achieve her goals! And now these few months later, here she was happy to start a new job, a new life, and a new beginning!

I brought to Kathryn’s attention that there were no cars in our pocket…it was a desert of vehicles on the 5 freeway around 2pm on a weekday! What a phenomenum! lol! Except for one large, commercial truck far behind in a lane to our left! It was a strange sight and sense to be in a bubble, to have our own space, to enjoy the warmth of the sun, to feel the breeze in our hair, and to delight seeing my daughter smile and laugh with open abandonment! I was one, happy Mother. I was one, happy Soul! Afterall, JOY is the natural state of each Soul! It was a new beginning, but it was quickly destroyed as we nearly were as well, but for the love of God! We were rear-ended by the El Modeno truck that had quickly caught up to us in such a short time that he must have been going close to 100mph! I was going 50mph. The difference in mph made an explosion of energy upon impact!

Make it a great life!

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