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Is any who is following….really reading these?

I wonder why so many have clicked to follow my blog….

Yet, I don’t receive any feedback when I ask in the blog for your feedback. The only thing that came to mind is that you are following blogs each and everyone you find in same field as yours to create higher Google listing? Is that it? I wonder if anyone is actually reading the blogs!?

Please let me know why you clicked to follow!?

I can’t click to follow anyone’s blog now as my brain can only do the blogs and I’d get weighed down by the additional emails. I’ve already so much to do…including but not limited to:

find my new home

find clients

do blog as often as possible

get my 200 books ready to put on my blog

find a training job to get my name out there again as I never had to advertise before, but lost my computers!

help my daugher survive… that’s really big!

get help for computer work

relearn so much on the computer or find others to do the work

attract like-minded, big-thinkers who are also altruistic!

Thanks for letting me know the answers!

May the blessings be…



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