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Cellular renewal…a miracle in our times!

Who’s interested in cellular renewal? If you don’t think you are, then you MUST read this as this is such a great, scientific discovery in the health and antiaging fields!

BABY BOOMERS…HERE’S THE ANSWER TO YOUR PRAYERS! Also for athletes, Healthfit, and health challenged.

This is for everyone over late teens who’d love to improve themselves by daily renewing cells and allowing yourself to have the quality of life you’ve probably only dreamed.

Do you want more energy?

Maybe better night’s sleep so you wake up totally refreshed?

Better memory…is that your goal because you find yourself forgetting more and more?

What about better athletic performance, lower your heart rate at the same time and even eliminating recovery time?

What about fat loss or as many say “weight loss”. I don’t focus on weight loss because we don’t really want to lose muscles, we choose to lose fat and increase muscle. That’s healthier. So let’s not focus on losing weight but losing fat.

Have you ever wanted more flexibility in body and mind? Or better emotional strength to handle stress?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you’ll love what I’m about to share.

The human body produces a particular type of molecule to renew the cell so that every 28 days we are renewed. Did you know this? It’s quite amazing that most of us just think there’s nothing we can do to look or feel or be better. I’ve helped Clients rejuvenate up to 35 years within a year but as science keeps improving, we’re now able to do these things in less time.

The body starts producing less and less of these molecules each year after we reach late teens. So that means we don’t live the quality of life we could if we had these molecules renewing us daily. In other words, our bodies are breaking down daily.

SCIENCE HAS NOW DISCOVERED A WAY TO GIVE US THESE MOLECULES. So if you’d like to drink these molecules daialy to renew cellularly¬† just text your email to: secretstoyouth@gmail.com and I’ll send you a picture of a man who clearly is looking, feeling and biologically has turned back time by 30 years! Please verify you’ve received the picture and text your name & cell with your city & state for more info. I’ll call you from Orange County, CA, Pacific time.

Or call me directly at 949.878.7100 anytime. Since I’m not easy to reach, you’ll have to leave your name, cell on VM. I’d appreciate it if you’d tell me good time periods to reach you directly too. Thanks.

Make it a great life! Let’s RECLAIM OUR YOUTHFULNESS!

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