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I need your feedback….

Have the book, but now researching how to put it on Amazon.

As a Consultant to MD’s, Bolshoi Ballerina, Child Prodigy, Ballet Master, Cranio Sacral Specialist, Creator of Rejuvenation Program, and Harvard Scholarship Recipient at 16, what is the most important accollade you’d want to know before purchasing any books I’ve written?

Has anyone put a book on Amazon to sell? If you have, I’d love to have you guide me through the steps. Especially if you’re in Irvine, CA or near so you could sit next to me here at the computer center! I’m excited to get this done as afterwards I’ll be learning how to make it into an audio book! Look forward to hearing from a Pro who’d like me to give him a copy of the book and even a Consultation to get your life where you want it to be! Or has anyone used Smashwords?

Will you give me feedback and tell me what titles you like? My goal is to give you all the answers you need to live your best life, all the simple, but most-often unpopular or unknown, simple protocols that will improve your life dramatically.

This book is a guide and entitled, 7 Secrets to GREAT Sleep. I just found another copy and I’d titled it 7 Secrets to Restful Sleep. Which do you prefer? Taking a survey. Is there any way for you all to reply here? If not, email me at secretstoyouth@gmail.com Thanks!

Other titles that I’d love your opinion on include:

How To Get Your Life Straight

3 Essentials to Secrets to Youth

7 Secrets Series Titles:

7 Youthful Secrets to Start Your Day

7 Youthful Secrets to Live

7 Secrets to AVOID for Better Life

7 Additional Secrets to AVOID

7 Communication Secrets

7 Additional Communication Secrets

7 Secrets to a GREAT Relationship for Women

7 Secrets to a GREAT Relationship for Men

7 “Secrets to Youth” Meals

7 Secrets to Improve Your Golf Game

7 Communication Secrets

7 Secrets to Parenting Made Easy

7 Best Ways to Teach Fundamentals

7 Secrets to Living Your Dream Life

7 Secrets to Spiritual Unfolding

7 Secrets to Being a Great Friend

7 Secrets to Food Combining

Will you please tell me of these titles which would you buy? What would you pay?  What do you need to know about me or the content for back cover? I’ve been told they are worth hundreds by my former clients, but am thinking of charging $9.99 for each one! Many have more than 7 secrets but those are then just bonuses if I believe it’s vital to include other important secrets. I’ve written all of these from over 40 years of research, experimentation, discovery, learning and development. All of these are simply a condensed version of my seminars. All the meat without the fluff!

NOTE: I’m looking for an editor, copy editor and graphic designer in Orange County, CA to work with me on a regular basis. Anyone reading this who knows of someone please give that person my email to reply so we may speak. Prefer people who live in Irvine area or Orange County if possible! I’m looking for editor/copy editor and to get graphic artist to do front and back covers for each book.

Thanks for any and all feedback!

Make it a great life!

May the blessings be…

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