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Off the topic still…

giving you updates or slivers of my life till I can return to the topic of writing my story.

Today I must run to get lunch and meet a potential friend or client! Didn’t sound real promising by the short conversation, but might as well check it out! I can always go walking at the ocean since he wants to meet on Balboa Island! I love to walk and speed walk although not speed walking very quickly yet!

Help for the day…. breathe fully and easily and if you can’t or don’t…get cranio sacral therapy to allow your body to function it’s best. I’m the only CSS…Cranio Sacral Specialist but there are some who do very little CS work that you can find it you search them out! I don’t recommend having that but if you can’t afford me…the best, then find someone to help unblock your lungs! Cranio Sacral will allow you to be your best, do your best. It’s accummulative so get 3 sessions asap if you’re ready to live the life of your dreams! Email me at: secretstoyouth@gmail.com if you’d like an introductory 3 sessions at an introductory rate!

Posted some more information on Cranio Sacral Therapy! It’s considered by many MD’s (those who have experienced it!!!!) to be the most beneficial therapy for a human being since it allows the internal organs, the glands and the skeletal frame to be operating as they should.

Make it a great life!

May the blessings be….

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