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Saved by the Grace of God!


A few moments after pointing out to Kathryn that we were nearly alone on the freeway, we were flung like a baseball just slightly above the road and flew with much greater speed than we were going (we were going 50mph) and came down on the road with a thud with our brains swimming in confusion! What just happened? We were both stunned. But then we were flung again into the air for a second time and felt like our reality was hanging by a string as nothing seemed real. I was out of my body at the first hit by the large truck that must have been going 100 mph but felt totally discumbobulated after the second hit. I knew my spiritual guide was with me. If you’d like to know more about my spiritual guide go to www.eckankar.org and take a look at the HU song to make your day better.

I noticed an extra-large shoulder to my right and drove the car onto it. I was surprised when the truck flew by me. Who would hit someone TWICE and then flee the scene? He looked Mexican. I wondered if he were an illegal and so too fearful to stop. Later it was proved he was Mexican. I yelled at Kathryn to get the pad and pen to write down the license plate as my foot had already pushed the pedal to the floor with automatic reaction when the truck was passing me. It had to have been my spiritual guide as I was not even functioning since was still trying to understand what had happended and why. So we were going as fast as the little Honda Civic would take us and I read the plates to my daughter. She read them back to me.

I told my daughter we had better get the number on the side of the truck as well that I saw when the El Modeno Gardens truck passed as maybe we need that too! I couldn’t think clearly but was striving to be thorough. So I kept the pedal to the metal and went to the left of the truck which had taken the lane I was in…the extreme, right lane. Just as we took the second number down, the truck veered jerkily making an extreme, sharp right turn more than a 45% angle, clearly a last minute action, and just barely made it onto the Jeffrey exit ramp. Which made it impossible for me, of course.

The driver made a nasty face on the curving Jeffrey exit ramp and was laughing while he waved us away like we were nothing. His disregard for what was right astounded me! Unfortunately, I get astounded by people’s lack of integrity and honor since I was a child. Why would anyone intentionally do something with such disdain and disregard to another human being? It feels awful to me to ever harm someone else, even if it’s unintentional! I always strive to apologize! I just don’t know how people can be so moronic to ignore the universal law that we get what we reap! It may not always appear that way in this world…wait till you hear the rest of this story…but it is the truth. I figure either I must have had some really bad karma to pay since there was nothing in this lifetime to warrant this experience or I made an agreement before I entered this lifetime to learn as much as possible and, whenever one does that there are always big experiences to be had! More about my out-of-body experiences and spirituality later.

“Kathryn, I need you to help me watch the road so I can drive us home. I must lie down asap and I can not be around a zillion people at a hospital. I can’t do this without you” I pleaded. “I’ll do the best I can, Mom, but I don’t feel right. I’m not sure I can help you.” she said apologetically. So home we went. We made it in 15 minutes or so and felt like we’d run a marathon!

Make it a great life!

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