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Life was happening so fast…

I could barely manage to breathe!

Since I was being taken to Court to be removed from my apartment (with the attached garage at Alize!) that I thought I’d have for many years to come until I found another love-of-my-life, I was in shock. I was being asked to move because my son got in trouble and not because I didn’t pay rent! But I did end up with an UD, or Unlawful Detainer Judgement against me! I found it difficult to breathe! I had to go to sleep after an hour or so up because I could NOT handle this situation. Kept looking at what do I need to do now. Right now! What is the most important thing to get done!?

I figured it was to find an attorney to defend me altho’ I had no money to pay anyone, I’d have to offer my expertise. I have created many miracles in life… or I should say, “God has used me to create many miracles in life so I stay open to possibilities and look for solutions to tough situations.” So I set out to find an attorney. I don’t ever give up easily but this proved to be nearly the death of me! I felt shattered after each conversation! And I got more and more symptoms as the days progressed. I stuttered more, I forgot more, I felt anxious and angry now that no one was there to help me! How could I be so alone? My daughter was helping me by making sure I ate but I needed someone to take care of the collision healing and the Court so I wouldn’t lose my home! I needed to be focused on healing… now…right now… I should be sleeping and I’m trying to stay awake and make calls.

I called many attorneys to find someone to defend me and most would hang up on me the first or second or third time I stuttered or forgot a word. I’d get jammed and couldn’t speak. So it was sooooo frustrating to me. I’d call them back to have them tell me they didn’t have time to speak to me and I’d have to find someone else. I started to ask for referals but never got the question out before I heard the dial tone again.

I can not express to you how devastated I felt, how lost I felt, how alone I felt, how useless I felt and how overwhelmed I felt.

I cried… I cried… I cried till the pain was gone. I’d wipe my tearful face, go wash my face and sing, HU, a love song to God. Go to ECKANKAR at www.eckankar.org to find the HU Song directions. I asked God how can I get through this? How can I find a lawyer? I kept calling for days on end which seemed liked an eternity to me. Actually, each phone call seemed like an eternity to me!

I wrote a song called, “Eternity” not long ago. I’ll share it with you once I get my things out of storage!

I finally had a call back from a tenant attorney. He was amazing! He listened! I told him my story which took a good 15 minutes or more and he said not to waste my money to hire him as that Court house in Laguna Woods/Hills has only judges who will rule for the tenant no matter what you do or say. I still asked him a bunch of questions as wanted to be prepared just in case God had another plan. I did my best to be as prepared as possible. He gave me the answers to all my questions. He might have spent an hour with me. I offered him a Health Consultation to say thank you and he said it was okay. I even called him many times after that with a question before going to Court with a question that arose and he’d return my call and answer it to the best of his ability. He is an amazingly good, decent, kind, humanitarian! He is such a great person and the BEST ATTORNEY I’ve ever spoken to in my life! I use to train litigation attorneys in Washington D.C. so have been around many. I also worked at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, at top USA firm for over a year although it was a simple temp job for one week to start with. If you want his name & number, email me at: secretstoyouth@gmail.com and give me your name, cell and situation! I’ll give him your info to contact you! I’ll have to research it to find so tell me if you’re in a dire need or just for a contact sometime down the road.

I went to bed after speaking to him as that is all my brain could do!

I’ve included a story by a man with TBI who was put through 5 years of hell by the Court system for no damned reason. It’s one of many, zillions acutally out there, but most people won’t want to take the time to write about it, going through it once was enough! NOTE: I realize it’s not always easy to understand his story for lack of all the information and names, etc. but please read it to the end. I suppose I’m going to say, bear with me as I write my story as I see that I digress plenty! At the moment, it seems important so Ieave it in!

May the blessings be…

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