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Digressing further….

I have to say, “THANK YOU”, today to Daniel Hall!

Daniel Hall of realfastbooks.com agreed today to help me get my work on Kindle and Amazon and to create as audio books! KUDOS TO DANIEL HALL for his loving heart and generosity! I’m going to make my blogs very short now and focus on getting the first book onto Kindle, then Amazon and then Audiobooks. I believe this is the process. I’ll correct it if not!

I’ve always wanted to do this as was a voice over talent in Hollywood and NYC for years! I love reading and especially, rereading anything that God puts through me as I don’t recall it all! It’s as if I sit down and ask what’s the most important thing to share today and my mind is flooded with information and I write till I have to pee! Then I usually eat also!

Look forward to telling you when my first book or eguide (turned into book) is on Kindle and then audiobooks!

Happy to hear any feedback you have to audio books. Mine will be on Health, Fitness, Secrets To Youth, My Life, How To Get Your Life Straight, which is a 55 week webinar with a Playbook, Romance, Relationships, Communication, Parenting, Starting Over, etc.

I’m meeting Leo, who’s Dutch, tonight to get acquainted! There’s hope that I may have found someone to help PT, so can move into my own space in his big house! He sounds very fine! I loved Amsterdam (altho’ I’ve never been into drugs of any kind)! The people were so kind, and helpful when searching for my destinations. Most speak English very well!

May the blessings be…

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