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Make it a great Labor Day!

I’m going to finish my day by 5pm and then head to the ocean to walk and inviting to see the Bana movie, entitled closed circuit.

If I had the funds I’d be going to a Spa for 2-3 hours of professional, therapeutic work. I’m looking for someone who’s a professional and does either Cranio Sacral (I’m a Cranio Sacral Specialist in Orange County), reflexology, Lomi Lomi, Thai massage, Shiatsu, Rolfing, Aston Patterning, etc….

If you know of someone who is a great therapist, please don’t hesitate to send my way. Just email me the name, type of therapy if you know it and number to contact to: secretstoyouth@gmail.com. Thanks!

I’m going to take the next few days to focus on finding my new home with a client who’s either lonely and wants female dining or cultural arts events companion or someone who’s ready to get really health or really fit or both, since that is my goal after the collision. Please give anyone you know my email above who may have interest so I might find my new, beautiful, upscale home asap! I’d love to find a guesthouse, but am open to a secondary master or couple of rooms (since I must write, research all the time!). If someone has a vacant unit, condo, studio, house, etc. that’s always possible as well.

I can serve in one of the ways below or a combination depending upon the space for me to live and the services requested. Of course, one may always hire me for more than just the exchange! I can do approximately 10-20 hours weekly. Must get my lifework in the internet too, afterall!? lol!

Clean … if you don’t have housekeeper as I’m meticulous

Cook… just healthy foods

Consult… either health, rejuvenation, relationships, communication, or getting your life straight or comfortable in your own skin

Personal Fitness Training… at your pace, 3 or more times weekly so you advance (I’m a Bolshoi Ballerina and Ballet Master as well as PFT)

Female Companion… which I described above

Travel Companion…I lived abroad 6 years so speak French well and may┬árecall other languages later

Home Office Assistant…or Executive Assistant… lots of experience with Columbia Pictures, Goldwyn Studios, IBM, Gibson, Dunn, & Crutcher, etc!

Organizing Consultant & Efficiency Expert…

Do you remember I was a Child Prodigy. So as my Dad said, I’d perfect one thing and go onto the next! Not a jack of all trades, but a master of those I love!

May the blessings be…

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