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Let’s create a miracle…


You might remember that we were to start our first day at a Call Center the next day. It was the Monday, I believe, before Mother’s Day. I’d already set my alarm. I’d asked Kathryn if she wanted to go to work still the next day. She said yes. So we did get up at the time I set for when I was normal but it was not nearly enough time for us to get ready as we were injured. We didn’t realize how much we were injured. I put everything out of my mind and focused like a race horse with blinders put on his head to keep him on one track.

Have often been told I have pin-point focus. I remember when I was reading and my Mother would call me to dinner she’d be running to be and yelling, “It’s dinnertime! Come to dinner!” I said, “Mom, just tell me. You don’t need to be upset.” She explained to me that she’d called me for 5 minutes and realized I was engrossed in a book again and she’d have to get my attention. Now, I’d say that since I read alot (often a book a day), I had to focus to prevent any noises from distracting me so I became good at shutting out the world. When I finished reading the book, I’d go outside as I loved climbing trees, biking, running, helping my Dad with gardening or racking leaves, or growing plants. My sister and I had a large yard that stretched many acres and had several horses in the pasture that my Dad would tame for other owners and our horses were in another paster. I loved to ride horses, Mobil and another whose name I forgot who was a race horse were my favorites.

I could tell I wasn’t healed yet but thought I’d do everything to help Kathryn get her job permanently. I could see Kathryn was not the same either. She didn’t admit it, even to herself. We worked that day in the Call Center answering calls for flowers to be sent for Mother’s Day. We had a training and Kathryn told me it was tough for her to integrate what she’d heard. So she sat next to me and was doing fine but would ask a question every so often. Normally, she would not have needed to do this. But one of the many symptoms of Brain Injury is the inability to learn, to integrate, to comprehend anything new. I was still able to learn that day but I knew the moment the trainer stopped training us that I better use the info immediately before I forgot it. So I didn’t spend any time chit chatting like the other in the office…and neither did my daughter.

At the end of the day, Kathryn told me she could do this but it was tough for her. This would normally have been very easy for Kathryn to do! But we both felt so tired that we just wanted to go home to bed. We did just that…we went to bed around 6pm. And then we slept past the alarm to wake us as it was too much for our brains. We’d slept over 12 hours and were still wiped out. But Kathryn is the one who awoke. She yelled at me to get ready for work. I called the company and explained we’d overslept and would be in asap. We had another gruelling day. I don’t recall all of the specifics about this experience because it is not of great significance for me. But we were fired at the end of the day since we came in late. And the owner of the Call Center never did pay us for all the hours we worked. He was not ethical. I did tell him we were injured in an accident but he didn’t wish to hear it.

We were not able to create a miracle and do this simple job. We’re 2 of the most reliable people normally, but we could not do what our brains  were incapable of at that time. Our brains needed to sleep. Our brains needed to heal. We lost our simple basic abilities. I saw myself from the inside out not being able to do even the simple things in life, like drive a car, open a door, answer a question…without great disstress. As Brain Scientist, Jill Bolte Taylor, author of “My Stroke of Insight”, wrote in her book, it would have been impossible for her to recover from her stroke had it not been for her Mother who allowed her to sleep as long as she needed daily for as many months and years as was necessary for her brain to heal. Please make certain you check out the links below as I believe this is one of the most important things for us to do! We MUST understand the brain and how to help those with brain disfunctions or diagnosis of mental illness! All of the links are about Jill Bolte Taylor, her work, her experience and the basics we need to know to get our brains well. Most of us have fallen off our bikes or out of trees or higher and have had some mild injury to our brains.

Make it a great life!

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