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The Straw that Broke the Camels’ Back


This is almost impossible for me to believe this happened so how are you going to think this really is true? I guess the ‘stranger than fiction’ adage must be applied!

On the door of my Alize apartment, I found a 3 Day Notice AND I’D PAID ALL OF MY RENT!!!! I knew something was terribly wrong. I knew it wasn’t a mistake but I didn’t know why Alize staff had given me a 3 Day Notice to move…not to pay as I was paid! I went as quickly as I could to two of my neighbors. They both told me to relax, it must be a mistake, but I was trying to find out if they had a notice also and the complex was changing it’s course somehow and we were all to move. I know that doesn’t make sense to you, but remember I was brain injured and that was my thought!

I called the management and no one answered so I left a message.

I was in such shock over this crisis and I was already in shock still from the first crisis…the collision, so I went into my first full-blown, panic attack (the first was with the highway patrolman who took the report about the hit & run collision. I could hardly breathe, I felt like I was going to faint, my heart was racing and I felt physically sick at the same time. My daughter told me to calm down and I couldn’t. I could NOT handle the stress of this at all. How could management have given me a 3 Day Notice to Move when I’d just renewed my lease for another year a couple months earlier, and I’d taken advantage of the free carpet cleaning they offered and it had just been done (the owner of the carpet-cleaning company told me my carpets looked brand new after 2 years, I didn’t need them cleaned….but guess what…Alize charged me to have the carpets cleaned also in the Court case!).  I was even that great tenant that kept the office staff informed of things I saw that needed their attention as I walked each day, I swam each night, and I worked out in the exercise room daily. So I’d call them to let them know if a lightbulb needed changing or a door was jammed, etc. My son and daughter said, “Mom, they don’t think you’re a great tenant, they call you a nuisance and that you’re complaining.” How could it be called complaining when I tell them so nicely? Actually, there was an Alize, staff, foreigner male who was a real pickle, always rude and nasty to everyone all the time so I was rude back to him. No other tenant dared to do that or say anything. He was a foreigner so I’m sure most felt they would be accused of prejudice. I chose to stop speaking to him and then just called Erin, the manager, or the assistant manager, whose name I’ve forgotten, to give updates on the property. When I’d told Erin that I’d be happy to give updates since I’m out and about all the time on the property she’d said that would be great. But looking back, I realize, what else could she say? “No, we don’t want you complaining to us and pointing out more things we need to do since we are already over our heads with tasks. Just leave us alone!” lol! Or some version, thereof!

When I did finally speak to Erin she told me they had been mailing me notices that I’d have to sign for and I told her I don’t have time to pick those up and thought if someone really wanted to reach me they could call or email or send regular mail. I truly thought if it was anything pertaining to Court, that the sending Party MUST SEND A COPY IN THE REGULAR MAIL. But this was not done as I never received it! I always missed the postman and I didn’t have time to go to the post office. I asked her why she didn’t call me? What is the real problem? I’ve done nothing wrong? She told me because my son is in trouble with the law, I’m being evicted. My son won’t be living with me again, if he’s guilty or not, I said, if that’s what you need as I can’t move. I was just in a collision and my daughter and I are not well. I might as well have been speaking to a wall. No recognition of anything I said. Why are we so damned afraid of being real, being human, listening with out hearts and not our brains alone???? God help us, be good and true to divine love, to truth, to philanthropy!

She didn’t answer any of my questions but treated me coldly with disdain and incredible rudeness as hung up on me. How can you evict me when he doesn’t live with me anymore? She said he is accused of stealing from someone in Alize. I was in shock again. My son told me he was innocent, and he never told me it was from here, so I just had to try to breathe and stop my brain from yelling, “stop the world, I want to get off!” But does that still mean she can evict me???????? Oh, God, I told my children I was going to live at Alize the rest of my life as it was perfect for me with an attached garage and all the amenities I needed/wanted. The only thing that would change that would be finding another love-of-my-life who’d sweep me away to his castle. Yes, I’m a romantic. I guess you discovered that easily without me saying anything! lol.

I can’t write anymore now as my brain is saturated. It may not always be a good place to end, but it’s where ever my brain says is the limit!

Here’s a fun fengshui tip about camels below! I love fengshui and have been told I arrange my home following most fengshui principles. I just like movement of energy and as a ballerina, I’ve a knack for knowing where to put what and what to get rid of and what to ad!

NOTE: If you would like to help us start over, we need any help we can get. We need a home, a car each, etc. Email me at: secretstoyouth@gmail.com. If you’d like to hire me for a Rejuvenation Consultation(s), that would be of great help to both you and us! May the blessings be, to you and yours!


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