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My stress is building so greatly….

I’m not sure if I’ll even make it let alone do this blog!

I’ve not been sleeping much as I don’t have a home. I sleep in a car …a small one at that … and some nights I can not fall asleep. So I’m struggling with survival so much that I’ve nearly no hope! I keep telling myself, there has to be one person in OC who has a great heart like me and is willing to let me help him for a safe, beautiful place to live. Yet, I’ve spoken to literally over 1,000 men over the past year who’ve said they will help me. But it turns out they will only help if I give them sex or if they believe I’m not homeless, or if I looked better! Stress makes one look one’s worse. I’ve had way too much stress for sooooo long that I live in fight or flight mode which is terribly unhealthy.

I keep asking God to show me a way. But I keep hearing I need to find someone willing to be a channel for God. It’s each person’s choice. I do see, however, that I’ve put another wall of anger around me and don’t know how to shake it. I’m so angry that I can’t find a good person to assist in some way other than sex! I won’t sell myself short. I can’t compromise. I know I’d rather die than let someone take advantage of me!

And I’m the further thing from a prude. I love being in a relationship and love cuddling, spooning, making a meal together, taking walks hand in hand, watching the stars while I sit on his lap….you get the picture. I’m a true romantic!

I anyone reading this would like to save a human life. I’m ready to be saved. You may have a guesthouse, you may pay for a week at Extended Stay America so I may use my gas money for fruit and veges to eat and make with my Blendtec, or you may give me a car (I lease this one!). IF you are so inclined to help, please email me at secretstoyouth@gmail.com your name & cell or home or work and let me know what it is and hours to call you. I’m so afraid of people lying to me that I’ve closed down. But after a few nights sleep, I’ll be that calm, relaxed, capable person again! Or maybe it will take 3 weeks to sleep to become that relaxed person.

Do you choose to be a vehicle for God? I’ll receive anytime! I’ll also give if you have a big house and want company or one of my expert abilities.

May the blessings be…..


Dare I go into those feelings again…


The next days are such a blur in many ways since I have no desire to relive them. I’ll have to relive them pretty well to describe it to you completely. If I start to do so, kudos to me, but if not, apologies for just sharing what I can now. I still have another year or maybe more to go to heal more fully. I’d like to regain my photographic memory, short-term memory, eliminate my anxiety, etc!

So, I was crushed. I was physically in pain, hurting, could hardly sit up, had to lean on the arm of a big, comfy chair or sofa to be able to function for a short time…a very, short time. If my daughter had not been there with me to be such a rock of emotional support and feeding me, I don’t know if I’d have made it! I owe my daughter my life, I believe! I’ve done my utmost to be there for her and help whenever I can for things she can not do, but I’m not able to do that now for her. So I feel badly! My daughter is in more dire need than I perhaps as losing her mind. (Update 8/23…my daughter sounds so much better. She’s possibly found a place to live! I’M SO HAPPY FOR HER!!!) I’m close to losing my mind in many ways as without sleep for one night, they say we act like we’re drunk. But 2 consecutive nights without sleep and we act crazy. Now, imagine…if you can…. which I doubt! that you’ve lost sleep for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and one full year before I was searching for a new home as our landlord had married and his new wife was not wanting the current lease renewed so we had many problems with the 2 of them then! Imagine not having a safe home, a place to sleep! That’s where we are! Someone has to care enough to help. I’m hoping this blog will not only help me heal by writing, but possibly create a miracle by having a loving-hearted man or woman read this and offer me a place to live. It doesn’t matter if it’s a guesthouse, a wing in a house (I had a 4Ksf house) or if it’s a house or unit you own that is vacant. It could even be a private room and bath in your own home! I’m happy to give Rejuvenation Consultations if you’re interested or just Health Consultations. I can help you get healthy and get fit! Send your contact info to me at: secretstoyouth@gmail.com. Do let me know you’ve read my blog and would like to SAVE A LIFE!

May the blessings be….

That’s all I can do for today!

I had this link appear below so I clicked to read Dare to Be. This is how I have lived my life! It is good someone else believes this too. Please not only read this, but live it to make a better experience for all of us! We’re either lifting up the world or bringing it down!

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NOTE: If you would like to help us start over, we need any help we can get. We need a home, a car each, etc. Email me at: secretstoyouth@gmail.com. If you’d like to hire me for a Rejuvenation Consultation(s), that would be of great help to both you and us! May the blessings be, to you and yours!


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