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I’ve my first client!

What a miracle….

Who would have thought I’d find a new client when I was a in a steam room at a health club? A man was in the steam room with a book reading and I couldn’t help but laugh at the idea! I had to say something to him like why was he reading in a steam room? He said making use of his time! I laughed again as the book was shriveled from the steam, the pages hard to turn and hard to read, the light was certainly not optimal and he thought he was doing a good thing. I said, “Well, in my viewpoint, it’s best to be in the moment and to enjoy a moment of relaxation.” He was one of the few men who replied gratefully.

It’s so necessary for each of us to take time daily to be quiet and even to be alone and be quiet. Anyway, he overheard my conversation with another member and started asking me questions about Cranio Sacral Therapy, Rejuvenation Program that I created and my expertise in health, wellness and fitness. As a Cranio Sacral Specialist in US and now the only one left practicing, I also do many other modalities including reflexology, acupressure, deep tissue, Swedish which is the first therapy one learns in school, Natural Facelift, lung release, scalp release, auricular, etc. I left the steam room and he followed. He gave me his number and I gave him mine. I had a call from him on my cell once I finished my workout and got to the car. I was impressed that he’s truly interested in being healthier. We’re definitely going to address his quiet, relaxation time on a daily basis! lol! So, he’s my first client since arriving in Irvine, CA!

Remember, the time you take for yourself each day, makes you a better person for everyone with whom you interact!

Can you imagine what kind of a world we’d have if everyone had a full 2 hours of therapeutic, bodywork 3 or 4 times weekly? I use to have a therapy session nearly daily when I was a ballerina but just for an hour or a bit over!

Make it a great life!

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