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Had an interview yesterday with a chiropractor…

who asked me to work in his office!

We’re going to do an exchange for 3 sessions and go from there. But I may very well have a very lovely office in Costa Mesa near Baker and Redhill. If you’re interested in having an introductory Cranio Sacral Therapy session or a Health/Rejuvenation Consultation, please email me at secretstoyouth@gmail.com or call me anytime and leave your name, cell and day you’re interested to have a session. I’d appreciate knowing what are good times to reach you directly as I usually have only a few minutes.

My focus when I work with someone is to look at your life at present and get clarity about where you choose to be. If you’re ready to be and do your best and are ready to do whatever it takes to make that happen, then you may be a person I’d like to have as a client. Let’s talk soon and see if I can help you.

Does anyone know of someone who needs or wants a Professional who also housesits? I’m looking for a housesitting position in Newport Beach or Costa Mesa. Since I walk a few miles nearly daily on Balboa Island, I’d love to find someone close to this but I do require an upscale living space as I’m used to living in a beautiful environment. I’m meticulous, quiet, considerate, don’t smoke or drink or do drugs and have no pets.

Let me know if I may help you with a session or if you can help me by networking to find my new home, even if only temporary. I need time to develop my practice here and to put my work on the internet!

NOTE: The founder of Cranio Sacral Therapy is Dr. Andrew Still, who discovered the movement of the primal fluid, the cerebral spinal fluid, when he put his head in a swing sling because his headache was so bad. He fell asleep and awoke to discover that it was nearly gone. The work was furthered by Dr. Sutherland and Dr. Fulford. Dr. Fulford is considered the father of Cranio Sacral Therapy and was written about in Dr. Andrew Weil’s book, Spontaneous Healing. I do Dr. Fulford method which is listening to the body to direct me where to go and Dr. Upledger who claims to be the founder of Cranio Sacral Work does a 10 step protocol. The work is different. I’ve had others who were trained by Dr. Upledger work on me as we traded. They always want me to train them in Dr. Fulford’s method, the intuitive method that follows the body. I write this note because the article below says that Dr. Upledger is the founder of Cranio Sacral Therapy, but it is not. The founder is Dr. Andrew Still and the Father of Cranio Sacral who did so much to make it an amazing therapy, probably the most beneficial therapy since it allows all your internal organs and glands to be able to function in their best modus operundi, is DR. ROBERT FULFORD!

NOTE: HERE’S MY ANSWER TO THE ARTICLE BELOW! As a Cranio Sacral Specialist, I’m here to tell you, Cranio Sacral has so much misinformation about it as the article below says…..it’s primarily for cancer and that is bullshit! Cranio Sacral Therapy improves the function of all internal organs and glands and allows the skeletal frame to adjust itself by it’s on innate intelligence! This means that CST has thousands and thousands of benefits. Just think what a difference having your body function at its’ best would mean to you!?!?! A better circulatory, immune, endocrine, respiratory, cardiovascular, skin, skeletal…..etc.! This is a MUST therapy for everyone! Dr. Andrew Still suggested that all newborns have this therapy till the fluid is completely mobil so that later problems, diseases, etc. are eliminated! Many so-called hereditary symptoms disappear as well!

Make it a great life!

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