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I’m in shock!


I pulled up to our apartment and parked. I stumbled out of the car noticing that I was not able to balance well. I laid down on my bed as Kathryn went to hers. After a few minutes I realized I better call the Highway Patrol or I’d not do it for a long time. So I did and a Highway Patrolman was being sent to take a report. The call was tough to make as I felt like the man on the other end didn’t listen to me. He’d ask me a question again and again. The same question. Was I not answering him clearly? I felt like I was beaten up once again….I hung up.

I called my Mom. It was very difficult for me to speak. It was difficult for me to sit or stand or walk, all I could do was lay down. I was laying on the bed still. I could hear my voice and it didn’t sound normal. My Mom said I was in shock. She reassured me and encouraged me to rest.  After I told her we were hit in a hit & run collision by a commercial El Modeno Gardens truck, she told me not to worry.  Just rest and take the time I need to feel better. That ended up being a long, long time. After the patrolman took the report, we slept for 20 hours. Kathryn woke me to feed me. She said, “Mom, I’m worried about you. I made some food. Please eat.” I did and went right back to sleep. This was the routine for 1 or 2 years with the barest of activity. I only did what was absolutely vital and could do no more.

The patrolman had a name like “Bent” or “Crash” or something ridiculously funny to me at the time. As soon as he told me his name or I saw it on his badge, I started laughing and told him I knew a dentist named, “Payne”. Laughing hard, I asked him, “Isn’t that a funny name for a dentist? I know a doctor named “Blood” too! I could hardly stop laughing even tho’ the patrolman was not even cracking a smile. I told him I was in shock as that’s what my Mom told me, but it didn’t help. It was like a scene out of a comedy movie as he stayed so straight-laced and dead pan I wondered if he was a robot? Not really, but he’d pass! lol! He looked at me like I was crazy! He said the dent in the back of the car was not very big. I said, “Well, the trunk can’t open and the whole back and bumper is smashed. I’m sure it would have been worse had we been stopped and the truck hit us at 40 or 50 mph but we were going the same directions so it’s still the same impact on our bodies and the car simply had the chance to bounce forward immediately which avoided further denting/smashing. It makes sense to me but he didn’t appear to have any interest in the physics behind my statement! I’d love someone to tell me who’s into physics, the specifics and proper way to say what I said in lay terms! I’d be most grateful.

Anyway, it was a gruelling effort to make this report. I kept telling the officer, I need to go lay down. He’d keep saying, “Do you want to go to the hospital?” I told him no repeatedly, but we were like parrots micmicking each other.

I need to lay down!

You need to lay down? Do you want to go to the hospital?

No, I couldn’t handle going to the hospital, I need to rest and be in dark and quiet right now.

Over and over again! It made me think the world is truly insane, but I realized that is his job to make sure he offered to get an ambulance for me. I needed one but didn’t want to go! But he continued to ask me more and more questions that seemed like it took forever. But it may have only been a few minutes.

I finally made it to my bed where I lay till my daughter woke me with food about a day later.

Make it a great life!

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Let’s always PAY IT FORWARD….. AS DAVID TOLLEY DID IN THIS SITUATION mentioned in the link below!

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