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The Choice to Heal…


I knew I was injured and believed that I’d be able to heal myself because I am a Consultant to MD’s, a creator of a Rejuvenation Program, a Cranio Sacral Specialist, the Writer and Facilitator of many Personal Development Seminars of which many are focused on optimal living, optimal health and fitness what I call being Healthfit! My life has been spent focusing on how to be my best and do my best from the age of 3. I thought I could use all of the years I’d spent sharing what I’d learned with others and learning from them at the same time (always a student and always a teacher) to get myself to the place where I felt whole again. The other side of me is the spiritually-motived, divinely-loving Soul who’s here to give whatever is needed for someone to awaken fully to their divinity and create their dream life.

I remember asking God each night for years, “Why am I here? Why do I have this Mom and Dad and sister? What am I here to do?” I wanted to know the answers so badly that I’d ponder for hours in my room, alone, at night before sleeping and speak to God in my head. I felt a heavy pressure in my beingness to want to be clear. I felt lost. I felt like I had a hole in my heart at night time when I faced the fact that I had no clue what I was here to do. At the age of 5, after two full years of pondering, questioning, listening to Beings of Light (that appeared as Globes of Light in my room), I told my Mother the answers. I’m here to help others open their hearts, get balanced, be comfortable in their own skins and live their dreams. I felt good. I knew I could do this. I thanked God for clearing this up. I could now focus on other things.

Once I was given my answer as to my purpose, I could relax. One Being of Light told me to go and be a child. Here’s a song that I wrote years later to tell you what I did. Since my things are in storage, I must spend a week or more to go through my boxes and find the song. I’ll insert it once I find it and give you an update in the post for that day that it is here!


If you haven’t seen the video of Ashton Kutcher inspiring teens at the Teens Choice Awards, please do! It is below!

And then there’s Tony Robbins! I’ve often been told by my clients who’ve worked with Tony Robbins and then found me, that I’m better. I don’t see that, but I’ve never taken his seminars, altho’ I like his presentation on www.Tedtalks.com, Why We Do What We Do. Actually, one of my past clients said I should get to know him as I’d make a good wife for him. But he was married, altho’ that was his previous wife. So I guess I missed the boat on that one! lol! If I find the link I’ll post it. I don’t know why it’s not showing up at the bottom of my blog so I can click on it! Oh, well, you will have to google it or go to tedtalks.com.

Since my daughter came home from elementary school many, many years ago and said that her teacher told the class that everyone should have 5 hugs a day, we started the practice that day. It was great! Whenever we’ve missed it, it has shown in our lives. So please read the fine article below called, Would You Like To Be Held? And even better, if you’re comfortable with it, give everyone you love 5 hugs a day! Just another simple step to open your heart!

As for me, I chose to heal. I still choose to heal. I choose to heal completely. So onward and upward!

Make it a great life!

NOTE: If you would like to help us start over, we need any help we can get. We need a home, a car each, etc. Email me at: secretstoyouth@gmail.com. If you’d like to hire me for a Rejuvenation Consultation(s), that would be of great help to both you and us! May the blessings be, to you and yours!

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